A new member to the pillar team…Wes Chapman

Wes Chapman began his love for Pilates and fitness at 10 yrs of age after his Mom had him rehab his hip surgery through Pilates. Over the past seven years he has earned several certifications and degrees as a Pilates instructor and personal trainer. Wes has worked with hundreds of Pilates and strength training clients spanning from the United States to Australia.

Amongst Wes’s passion of exercise, he is wildly passionate about nutrition. As a former vegan throughout his half-Ironman training, he gained knowledge and experience about optimal performance as an athlete, both as an omnivore and vegan. Not only does he possess extensive knowledge and experience, he also has a true care for his clients and strives to create ongoing professional relationships to help them achieve their health and fitness goals. He hopes to meet you soon!

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1010 South Coast Highway 101 Ste #107
Encinitas, CA 92024


(760) 479-1944

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